A guide to what college rankings don't tell you.

Counselor Toolkit Resources

Reports and Informational flyers

Liberalarts_flyerOur Liberal Arts Success flyer provides data on what employers are most looking for in recent graduates entering the workforce.

About What Will They Learn flyerOur What Will They Learn?® flyers provide general information on the project and can start the conversation on important topics to discuss during the college decision process.

Ad flyerOur office poster invites students to check out the website.

WhatWillTheyLearnReport.pic.2020.2021What Will They Learn?, 2020-2021 assessed the general education programs at over 1,100 U.S. colleges and universities.

Brochures and Wallet Cards

WWTL.Brochure.CoverOur What Will They Learn? brochure is a brief overview of the What Will They Learn? college choice tool and the importance considering the strength of school's general education program.

WWTL.WalletcardCOVEROur What Will They Learn?® flyers helps students make the most of a campus visit or virtual consultation by suggesting questions that will help them learn more about curricular quality.

Presentations and Infographics