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WWTL Internship

We are not accepting applications for the What Will They Learn? internship at this time. Please visit GoACTA.org for other professional opportunities. 

"In studying the traditional liberal arts, students enter into the conversations that have shaped Western thought and tradition for centuries. Not only do students learn to ask 'why?' and 'how?', they also learn to ask, 'how can I make a difference?' In grappling with these questions, students of the liberal arts learn to think critically, write clearly, and engage in open and honest dialogue with others." 

— Gabriella Hsu, Program Coordinator for Curricular Improvement

"The amount of autonomy and ownership over one's work given at ACTA is unparalleled in other internships. This is not a "coffee and copy machine" type of position, but one that gives you direct responsibilities and the opportunity to connect with one of the most knowledgeable and passionate staffs in Washington, DC."

— Caroline Toth, ACTA Intern 2017-19