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University of Miami

Coral Gables, FL

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How Colleges Spend Money

The graph below shows the Administrative Cost Per Student at University of Miami. This is a measure of expenditures per student for day-today executive operations of the institution, not including student services or academic management.

Visit to learn more about spending in higher education, including instructional costs, student services costs, and more.

FIRE Speech Rating

University of Miami earns a Red speech code rating from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE).

A red light institution is one that has at least one policy both clearly and substantially restricting freedom of speech, or that bars public access to its speech-related policies by requiring a university login and password for access.

FIRE evaluates colleges and universities' "speech codes," or written free speech policies, for how well they protect students' freedom of speech. ACTA believes an institution's commitment to free expression correlates with its commitment to academic excellence, facilitated through the free exchange of ideas.

The University of Miami says, "The University of Miami's General Education Requirements ensure that graduates have acquired essential intellectual skills and have engaged in a range of academic disciplines. The General Education Requirements provide students with the opportunity to study methods and achievements in all areas of human inquiry and creative endeavor and to cultivate abilities essential for the acquisition of knowledge. The General Education Requirements allow students to create an integrative map for their academic careers, providing a context for more focused studies." [Source]

Curriculum last evaluated: 9/27/2022

2021-22 enrollment and tuition data, and four-year graduation rates for first-time, full-time freshmen who enrolled in Fall 2012, are derived from the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator.